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September 9-23 the anniversary painting exhibition "Fides Colore" by Dalvytis Udris will be held at the Šiauliai Art Gallery.

Opening of the exhibition - Saturday, September 9, at 1:00 p.m. Admission is free during the opening of the exhibition.

The painting exhibition "Fides Colore" by Šiauliai artist Dalvytis Udris is an overview of the work of the last few decades, a search for painting forms and color relations.

The anniversary exhibition of Dalvytis Udris about colors, about their meaning in art and in life, about the magic of colors, about the synthesis of color and stroke. Such a topic is not accidental. In the work of this artist, there is a constant struggle between drawing, stroke and color. An open, flaming color usually wins. It bursts through the constructions of the drawing, the surfaces of the strokes, weighs on the canvas, ripples with flashes. Dying in a scramble of cold and burning tones. In some places, the colors are swallowed up by iconographic motifs, and in some places they successfully dissolve those motifs in an endless play of shades. Dalvytis seeks the closest, most immediate connection with the viewer, and color is the most effective for such contact. It hypnotizes the gaze and instantly transports us to a kaleidoscopic, dizzying world of pure colors. What a true artist believes.

We also know Dalvytis as a creator of broader ambitions. One could list the performances, sculptural, sound objects created by this artist, his passion for robotics, experimentation with graphic techniques. Dalvytis was always open to the challenges of the times, he did not hesitate to change the methods of expression, therefore he accumulated versatile artistic experience, which he now successfully shares in his pedagogical activities.

– Virginijus Kinčinaitis