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For children and school children

Location of service provided

Šiauliai city
If you were invited to take some photos without a camera, what would you think? Would you agree? Or would you say that is impossible? We invite you to see for yourself that taking photos without a camera is a real, interesting and unpredictable experience!
In this activity, you will be making photograms in the dark laboratory, lightened by a red color only. Photogram is one of the oldest and the simplest forms of photography. It is an image of object`s shadow placed on sensitive photographic paper, obtained without a camera. You will be creating the moment you start laying compositions on photosensitive paper from many objects, which you will find in the laboratory. You may also bring your own materials or items, this way, your photogram will be more individualistic. After you are satisfied with the composition, your work will be illuminated with the direct light and exposed using special chemicals. That`s how an image without camera appears! Then, you may to show it to others and tell everything about it.
For pre-school childrens, 1–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 4 Eur (no discounts).
For groups from 5 to 30 persons.