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For children and school children

The history of footwear is like a novel full of discoveries and searches. How would you protect your feet from the hot sand of the desert? And in what kind of footwear you would wade through the snow? Come and find out the length of the nose of the shoe that caused jealousy for those around you, and who was the first to wear high-heeled shows. When did the first “real” pair of shoes appear? We invite you to become designers, create new styles and offer them to your friends and maybe even to city dwellers ... The education introduces the history of footwear, the texture of leather shoes and the sewing process. In the practical part, children “sew” shoes from separate parts fastened with “Velcro” tapes, learn how to measure the foot before starting work, draw the shoes of their dreams according to the selected pattern.

For younger school and pre-school childrens.
Price per person – 3 Eur (no discounts).



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