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For children and school children

1. Education “A keychain” (English, Russian)
Who made the name of Šiauliai famous? Who is the man who started the business from a small leather workshop and expanded it to the largest leather factory in the entire Russian Empire? Break through the mystery and visit the museum. See, smell and touch the tanned animal leather. It has been used for human purposes since time immemorial. Footwear, clothes, horse equipment, household utensils and bags are just a small part of the possibilities by using leather. We invite you to Ch. Frenkel’s leather workshop to make a practical thing – a keychain. Decorate it with a branded Ch. Frenkel’s leather factory stamp or decorate with your own ornaments and drawings.

For 2–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 4 Eur (no discounts).


2. Education “Bracelets” (English, Russian)
Bracelets are not only jewellery but also amulets with magical protective powers. Set on a person’s wrist, they can not only protect him from the evil eye but also give strength and energy. During the session, we will make bracelets from coloured leather strips, try to nail a rivet, punch a hole with a special punch, and fix studs to fasten the created bracelet. You will experience joy during the creative process and be proud that you have learnt a new craft. You will be able to wear your own handmade original item or present it to someone.

For 7–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 5 Eur (no discounts).


3. Education “A toy for the Christmas tree” (English, Russian)
Wouldn’t it be great to decorate the Christmas tree with a unique, hand-made leather toy? Now it is possible! In the education “A toy for the Christmas Tree” we will work with real tools of a currier, wave hammers and punches, forge ornaments, glue colourful details. At the end of the education, we will be happy with the results of our work – handmade toys which will decorate the Christmas trees at home during the festive period.

For 7–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 5 Eur (no discounts).


4. Education “An animal-totem” (English, Russian)
Do you know what totems are? They are animals, less often plants, sometimes even things or natural phenomena that are considered to be ancestors and guardians of the tribe. It is believed that they are able to help and protect. And nowadays everyone wants to succeed, so we invite you to visit a leather workshop at Chaim Frenkel’s villa and choose, make and possess a leather totem animal – elephant, puppy or cat, with which you will be able to decorate a handbag, backpack, use as a keychain or a talisman.

For 6–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 5 Eur (no discounts).


5. Education “A pendant for a necklace” (English, Russian)
In Chaim Frenkel’s leather workshop you can make not only a bracelet but also a pendant for a necklace. It is created on the basis of a modular principle – inserting a part into a part. Thus, this reminds a puzzle that is a pleasure to solve. Spatial thinking is also developed in education, because it is necessary to understand how to put details into each other. We invite you to create a beautiful thing and evoke thoughts.

For 3–12 grade students and for adults.
Price per person – 5 Eur (no discounts).

6. Education “A rose blossom” (English)
A rose is a flower that has a secret and is a complex symbol that can mean various things. Chaim Frenkel’s villa park in Šiauliai is famous in a variety of roses, therefore, Šiauliai “Aušros” museum invites you to admire the rose blossoms not only in the warm season but also all year round! In the new education of Chaim Frenkel’s leather workshop “A rose blossom” you can make a beautiful leather rose ring, brooch or hair ornament. Each participant of the education will make two items of jewellery, so it is a great way to make happy not only yourself but also your close friend. Or maybe you have nowhere to celebrate your birthday party or hen-party? This education will appeal to both children and adults, so it especially suitable for jolly, creative and cosy meetings.

For 5–12 grade students and for adults (for groups from 7 to 25 persons).
Price per person – 5 Eur (no discounts).