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The restored Villa with a park and a fountain located in it, is a very exclusive site in Šiauliai city. It is unique, one of only a few in Lithuania constructed in early 20th century buildings in the Art Noveau (Modern, Secession, Jugend) architectural style. Elements of different styles interweave in decorations, stucco works, and imposing fragments of frescos. Villa’s expositions introduce culture of Lithuanian provincial estate (middle 19th–middle 20th c.), history of Šiauliai city in the interwar period, and Jewish heritage. The Villa is offering a wide choice of exhibitions, concerts, film and music festivals, other events. The car parking is located for visitors’ convenience.
Visitors can order educational activities: “Estate Stories. Fashion and Lifestyle”, “My shoes…”, “Chaimas Frenkelis leather workshop” (Lithuanian, English, Russian) or guided tour (Lithuanian, Russian, English).

Ticket – 5 Euro (with discount 2,5 Eur).
Guided tour – 20 Euro (no discounts).
Audioguided tour in English, Russian – free of charge.
E-guided tour in English, Sign language – free of charge.
Photography and shooting for personal event (for one person) – 7 Eur.
Marriage registration ceremonies are available at the Villa – 200 Eur.

Excursion “Provincial manor and town in the middle of the 19th c. – the middle of the 20th c.”

The participants of the tour are introduced with the life and activities of Chaim Frenkel and the history of the villa built by him. On the second floor of the villa there is an exposition “Provincial Manor”: the gallery of paintings by Western European authors of the 17th–19th century, the collection of portraits of kings of the 18th–19th century, the gallery of portraits of landlords of the 18th–20th century, the Library, Yellow and Green sitting-rooms, the Gallery of oriental art, the Dinning room. The exposition “Provincial town” established on the ground floor of the villa is reviewed: a stylized street, the restored showcase of the joint-stock company “Dubysa”, the shop of the Shapir brothers, the cinema “Kapitol”.