"WORLD RHYTHM" Sun Summer Concerts 2022


The cycle "Sun Summer Concerts" organized by Šiauliai City Concert Institution "Saulė", which has become a tradition, invites all residents of Šiauliai and guests of the city to enjoy live music outdoors! Professional groups - Šiauliai Big Band and Šiauliai Wind Orchestra - and their good friends and colleagues will fill the city spaces with the sounds of quality music: Šiauliai Boulevard (near Šiauliai Art Gallery, near the cooperation center “Spiečius”), near Šiauliai Culture Center Rėkyva Culture House (Energetikų str. 7), We invite you to visit the events of the cycle "Solar Summer Concerts"!

All concerts are free! In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the concerts will not take place (except for the concert in Šiauliai Culture Center Rėkyva Culture House, which will take place in any weather). Visitors are kindly requested to strictly adhere to all security requirements specified by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania!


June 17 12 p.m. "World Rhythm".
Šiauliai Wind Orchestra (artistic director and conductor S. Vaičiulionis, conductor G. Brūzga) participates.
Vilniaus st. 213, near the cooperation center "Swarm".

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More information at www.saule.lt and in the Facebook account of the Concert Hall "Saulė".

Organizer Šiauliai city concert institution "Saulė".
The event is funded by Šiauliai City Municipality.
Partners: cooperation center "Spiečius", Šiauliai 1st Music School, Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis Arts Gymnasium.
Information sponsor Etaplius.
Dear viewers,
When participating in the events, you do not object that they can be filmed or photographed, and their photos will be published on the website of the concert hall "Saulė", in the media or on social networks.