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Love fail / RESURREXIT

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Wednesday, April 3, 6 p.m.

Refectory of the Tytuvėnai Monastery (Maironio Street 2)


(Artististic Director JUTA PRANULYTĖ, Music Director KAROLINA RAMONĖ)

The new vocal music collective Melos collaborates with artists from various fields, initiates creative projects, commissions works and performs programmes in different line-ups. Melos attracts listeners with its contemporary, experimental music as well as explorations in sound and space. Last year the collective released its fourth record “Eskhatos” in collaboration with composer Rytis Mažulis.

In the refectory of the Tytuvėnai Monastery, the members of Melos (Gabrielė Bilevičiūtė, Lina Valionienė, Justina Leinartaitė, Karolina Ramonė, Karolina Macytė, Neringa Kaminskaitė, Onutė Aleksiūnaitė and Ūla Zemeckytė) will perform David Lang’s “Love Fail” with vocals and percussion instruments. The composition explores the theme of love through the timeless story of Tristan and Isolde from the 12th century. In “love fail”, the internationally acclaimed composer, who won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for his work “The Little Match Girl Passion”, ponders that it is perhaps the fact that their love begins by accident – by drinking a love potion – that makes this love story both attractive and a little bit mysterious. This way, the characters avoid such feelings as embarrassment, guilt and frustration that are typical of real-life love stories. In this work, the composer reinterprets the repeatedly-retold story of Tristan and Isolde, while using more modern sources that helped create a cohesive work that takes a modern approach to love.

The programme includes “Love Fail” by D. Lang

Tickets 10 and 7 Eur