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2022 December 22 – 2023 January 26 Eglė Narbutaitė's personal exhibition "Shade" is open in Šiauliai art gallery.

‘To change or to accept?’ Asks the artist in this exhibition. In her works she reflects on the situation of a society overheated by the inertia of consumption. Inviting us to take a break from the heat, she is still searching for the possibilities of that respite. The shade, and its feeling of pleasant coolness, also becomes a metaphor for the satisfaction of hedonistic needs. The drawings in this exhibition, like all of Narbutaitė’s work, are characterised by a humour that avoids a didactic tone, speaks about issues that are important today, draws attention to global problems, and, without being afraid of making fun of herself, frees others to do so too.

Eglė Narbutaitė (b. 1988) graduated in Performance Art from Kingston University, London. She is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union. Eglė’s street art adorns the walls of buildings in Lithuania and abroad. She is well known to the Šiauliai art scene, and is the creator of solo musical performance „Bliuvė“ (Cry Baby). Currently she lives and works in Vilnius. „Shade“ is her largest solo exhibition to date.

The exhibition is part of the contemporary art and fashion festival „Virus’27“.
The festival is financed by Šiauliai City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council
The organizer is the Šiauliai Art Gallery
The main information partner is Lithuanian National Radio and Television
Partners and sponsors: news portal „Etaplius“, AB „Šiaulių bankas“, UAB „Laurema“, Vilnius city hall, UAB „Gorila reklama“, MO museum, „The Rooster gallery“, „Meno niša“ gallery, State Drama Theater of Šiauliai, Šiauliai Athletics and Wellness Center