Budgetary institution Šiauliai Tourism Information Center
Vilniaus st. 213-90, LT-76348 Šiauliai


For children and school children

Location of service provided

Pakruojis district

‘I Love the Horse’ began six years ago when the Janeliunai family's collection of horses was moved from small home to spacious rooms in the neighborhood of Pakruojis Arctic Bridge. During the first year, the exhibit attracted the attention of family, friends and relatives, but as the rumor spread, the ranks of the curious grew, and the collection grew with new horses and small gatherings not only increased in size, but also in length. That’s how one cold winter evening in 2019, the newly opened cozy, warm, modern hall for art for cultural events and private gatherings opened its doors.

Their mission is to create an atmosphere where every guest would feel like home. They do not discriminate, share goodness with everyone and communicate in a simple, heart-to-heart manner.

Their goal is to organize events that encourage people to get together, socialize, learn and evolve together.

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