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The stained glass “The Battle of the Sun” is in the concert hall “The Sun” (the former cinema theatre). Three of the first floor lobby walls of the post-war architectural building are adapted for stained glass.

The stained glass was unveiled in 1986 to commemorate 750 years’ anniversary of Šiauliai city. The stained glass is 3,8 meters high, 52,1 meters long, its total area is 200 square meters.

It is an impressive and majestic piece of art. This is the first monumental work of art of such scale representing such theme in the country. It represents the fight of ancient Lithuanians, depicts its tension and dramatic nature. Visual rhythm of the stained glass and its colours sound solemnly, like organ music.

The composite structure of the stained-glass was determined by the building, the spacious lobby in front of the hall and its three glass walls: one front and two side walls.

The author of the stained glass is artist Kazys Morkūnas. The artist aimed to symbolically and artistically give a sense to the Battle of the Sun, disclose fighters’ heroism, strength and determination.


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