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The sculptural composition called “My Shoes” by Martynas Gaubas appeared near the Art Gallery.

The artist had foreseen the place for the sculpture “My Shoes” in the middle of the boulevard but the shoes were built on a small rise near the Art Gallery. One can see elements of the coat of arms of Šiauliai – the bull, bear and the eye – on one of the shoes and the symbol of Šiauliai “The Archer”, the inscription “Šiauliai” and laurel leaves, decorating the coat of arms, on the other.

According to M.Gaubas, the lime growing next to the gallery adds strangeness and certain interactivity to these shoes because there are several dozen of pairs of trainers thrown by skateboarders on its branches.

M. Gaubas hopes that Šiauliai residents will accept shoes as their own. The artist told that the shoes had already been tried on both by himself and his family members and friends. According to the author, all argued that trying out the shoes is accompanied by a very good feeling.

If you stand in the shoes longer, you might succeed…


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