To you, my Mom


One of the most precious people in all of our lives is Mom! It contains all the goodness, beauty and meaning of the world. On the first of May, at 2 pm, we invite everyone to celebrate Mother's Day in Šiauliai. In the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (Gegužių St. 57). Special works will be performed by:
Šiauliai Wind Orchestra (artistic director and conductor Sigitas Vaičiulionis, conductor Gediminas Brūzga),

Juozas Janužas (tenor),

kanklės trio "Aušrinė" (Regina Marozienė, Regina Vaišnorienė, Lora Andriuškienė),

Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis Arts Gymnasium Folk Music Ensemble "Jovarėlis" (leaders - Regina Vaišnorienė and Rita Daukantaitė).

The concert is free!

It is necessary to comply with all security requirements specified by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania during the event.

More information: and Šiauliai Wind Orchestra facebook account.
Organizer Šiauliai city concert institution "Saulė".
Partner Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis Arts Gymnasium.
Information partners: Etaplius, City News.

We invite Ukrainians to attend events organized by Šiauliai City Concert Institution "Saulė" free of charge. Pre-registration is required at [email protected]

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Dear visitors,
When participating in the events, you do not object that they can be filmed or photographed, and their photos will be published on the website of the concert hall "Saulė", in the media or on social networks.