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Šiauliai city culture and art awarding evening


in 2022 December 8 6 p.m. In the Great Hall of the Šiauliai Cultural Center (Aušros al. 31), the awarding evening of the culture and art awards of the city of Šiauliai will take place.

In the evening program:

Announcement of the winners of the 2022 culture and art prizes and awarding of the prizes.

Announcement of 2023 young artist scholarship recipients.

Festive concert featuring: Martynas Levickis (accordion) and the Mikroorkéstra chamber ensemble.


The host of the event is Raimonda Sližienė.


❗ Entry is by invitation only, but they are no longer available. However, we would like to inform you that listeners with invitations will be admitted to the hall first, and then those who have not bought invitations will be able to fill the remaining seats.

More information: www.saule.lt , www.siauliai.lt and on the Facebook account of the concert hall "Saulė".


The organizer is Šiauliai City Municipality.

The organizer is Šiauliai city concert institution "Saulė".

Partner - Šiauliai Cultural Center.

Informational partners: "Etaplius", "Miestos nauskienos".


The concert program is described as an easy juggling act between world-renowned music with Lithuanian roots and echoes of folk music in the context of classical music.

In 1924, G. Gershwin's work "Rhapsody in Blue", which was first performed and made famous by the cult Paul Whiteman with his musicians, is heard on different continents today. This piece is primarily intended for piano and orchestra. Martyns Levickis poured his visions into it, creating an accordion arrangement - no accordion player has ever performed Rhapsody in Blue. Martynas will be the first to play it with his chamber ensemble Mikroorkéstra.

W. Kilar's "Orawa" orchestra will sound like a connection between two different sound worlds. This piece is based on the motifs of the musical tradition of Podhale (the mountain region of southern Poland), thus beautifully combining the Lithuanian folk songs arranged by Martynas Levickis that will be played later in the concert.


Dear visitors,

while participating in the events, you do not object to the fact that they can be filmed or photographed, and their photos are published on the website of the "Saulė" concert hall, in the media or on social networks.