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The big fashion show is back!

December 10, Saturday, 7:00 p.m. The Šiauliai Athletics and Wellness Center (S. Daukanto St. 25) will host the international fashion design show „Virus fashion“.


You can buy tickets here: https://bit.ly/3Euzlol


This year, the „Virus fashion“ event will present the collections of Estonian, Latvian, Polish and Lithuanian designers to the audience.

This year, the artistic, experimental fashion event will be complemented for the first time by the performance "Up To This Point" by the contemporary circus troupe "Taigi Cirkas", the "Meet Me Halfway" performance by drag queen artist Alen Chicco (Lithuania), Edvin Mikulskas and Valerija Gneuševa, and Neringa Poškutė (Lithuania). the performative presentation of conceptual jewelry will give fashion art additional meanings.

The art and fashion show will be held at the Šiauliai athletics and wellness center – it will be an impressive combination of sports architecture and art.

„We are coming back to the audience after a long, one might say forced, break, so we want to give the longing audience an unforgettable spectacle. Against the backdrop of today’s events, our future is becoming uncertain, full of ignorance and crises, so at least in the bustle of the current circus and fashion, we want to invite a few hours of respite from the heaviness of everyday events,“ says Ernesta Šimkienė, director of the Šiauliai Art Gallery and the main organizer of „Virus fashion“.

As always, the Virus Moda event could not take place without the participation and involvement of volunteer models. Registration for models and volunteers can be found here: https://bit.ly/3zde54w



The fashion and design show „Virus fashion“ is part of the program of the contemporary art and fashion festival „Virus’27“.

Organizer Šiauliai Art Gallery

The festival is financed by Šiauliai City Municipality and the Lithuanian Culture Council

The main information partner is Lithuanian National Radio and Television

Partners and sponsors: news portal „Etaplius“, AB „Šiaulių bankas“, UAB „Laurema“, UAB „Gorila reklama“, MO museum, „The Rooster gallery“, „Meno niša“ gallery, State Drama Theater of Šiauliai, Šiauliai athletics and wellness center, UAB „Laurema Graphics“, Šiauliai State College, Šiauliai Technology Training Center, „Madam Fufu“ salon