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Christmas tree lighting celebration

Feasts, festivals

December 2 6 p.m. The main Christmas tree of the city of Šiauliai will be lit in Resurrection Square.

The event includes a musical light show, which will be attended by the rhythm group "Ritmas akaka", Živilė Gedvilaitė, Mantvydas Riškus (event director Lina Jankauskaitė-Peleckienė) and a concert by the group "Biplan".

Duration of the event: ~1 hour.

The full program of Christmas and New Year's events is here: https://www.siauliukc.lt/news/2519/64/Programme-of-Christmas-and-New-Year-events-in-Siauliai-2023/

Photo by Rolandas Parafinavičius.

The organizer – Šiauliai Cultural Center.